Too busy to read

images (1)I’ve had a busy few months of late; moving house and settling into said new, house, a process which has taken a lot longer than I anticipated. Between working full-time and making what seems like endless trips to IKEA and then returning home to build the flat packed treasure, I’ve barely had time to read much less review.

That’s not to say I haven’t been reading, I have, but it’s been the cheesy popcorn, fluffy books that don’t take much effort to concentrate on or can be read relatively quickly.

As much as I love reading, there are times when I just feel too exhausted to read anything substantial, and flaking out in front of the TV to watch a movie or catch up on a TV series about all I can handle, which isn’t all bad as I started watching Game of Thrones this summer (I know I’m way behind everyone else on this one) and started to really enjoy it. So I thought I’d start reading the books to get my reading mojo back, which has helped some, but no much as I still haven’t finished reading it.

I find that the more I have on my mind, the harder it is to relax and lose myself in a book. Even when watching TV, I find myself making mental lists or doing something else (building IKEA flat pack treasures) which splits my attention.

Oh for a week or two of uninterrupted mental bliss, where to do lists, paint swatches, IKEA flat packs have no hold. Where for an hour or two I am far away from the real world. Sometimes I think about taking time off work just read. Am I alone in this or does anyone else think this way? What do you do when you are too busy and feel too tired to read? Tips anyone?

That said Just Read It will be back with another review in the next month, so please bear with me, and normal review services will be resumed.

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