There Was a Country

Chinua Achebe's memoir, There Was a Country, recalls his personal experience and reflection on the Biafran War of 1967-1970. Beginning with a personal account of his childhood and education in colonial Nigeria, Achebe describes steps leading to Nigeria's independence in 1960 and the eventual descent to civil war in 1967. When a new nation begins, … Continue reading There Was a Country

The Help

Admittedly I only began reading The Help after all the hype about the film and Octavia Spencer's Oscar-winning performance as Minnie, the fiercely outspoken maid who commits A Terrible Awful Thing against one of her employers. And despite my misgivings that the novel would not measure up to the hype surrounding the film (incidentally I read … Continue reading The Help

The Thing Around Your Neck

I don't usually like short story collections, as by the time I am halfway through, I tend to feel a bit shortchanged by the stories, which can often read more or less the same. It is as though the author had a particular idea in mind bit could not follow through, resulting in a collection … Continue reading The Thing Around Your Neck