Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all!

I know I have been very quiet of late, but you know how it is with Christmas. However, despite being crazy busy, I have been reading and have some more reviews coming up this month. First up is The Association of Foreign Spouses which you can read about here, and there is more to follow.

But with it being the New Year, it is traditionally the time of Resolutions, which, let’s face it are always made to be broken. But, in keeping with the spirit of things I thought I’d make some in relation to books and hopefully, at least some of these will be kept and not consigned to the ‘broken and forgotten’ corner. So here goes:

1. To actually read something off my list of ‘unreads’. The list I made last summer wasn’t even half of the books I have not yet got round to reading and sadly the list grows longer. My Amazon wish list bears testament to this.

2. To finish my half-reads. You know when you start reading a book and then you think ‘I’ll come back to that later’ and never do.

3. To read more non-fiction. I have begun this already and later this month hope to share with you all.

4. To get a Kobo e-reader. Yes I have crumbled and given into technology. It had to happen, but it won’t change my love for the hard copy version. I promise.

5. To attend one of the literature festivals that take place each year. Cheltenham or Hay, I don’t know. If you have been to one or have other suggestions, give me a shout.

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