Review: Sincerely, Mother: Stories From When We Were Mothers by Boma Somiari

Sincerely, Mother is a small collection of short stories by Nigerian author and blogger Boma Somiari.

Written from a Christian perspective, the stories each have motherhood as their central theme. From the mother struggling to keep her children quiet during a church service amidst the wry glances of fellow congregants, to a young mother’s struggles with addiction as she tries to keep up with the demands of being a wife and mother; each story carries it’s own word of encouragement to mothers everywhere – to keep doing the best you can and let God do the rest.

The story that stood out the most to me was ‘Vacationing in Paris’. Without giving away any spoilers, it tells the story of a stressed grandmother looking after the two children of her formerly estranged daughter, who is taking an extended vacation in Paris. Needless to say, something is afoot and not just the strange behaviour of her two grandchildren. I came away with so many questions as the plot was rather outlandish and a bit of a reach for my taste. However in a strange way it made the story rather enjoyable, as I kept wondering what turn the plot would take next. On the whole the stories are well written and given the obvious religious influences do not come across as too preachy.

You can find more of Boma’s writing on her blog The April Journal.

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