The Hidden Treasures Within – Lorna Liverpool

hidden-treasures-withinThe Hidden Treasures Within is the second book written by children’s author Lorna Liverpool, which follows Kaa’hina, a little girl with mystical connections to another dimension where her late grandmother, Grandma Pea, resides.

On a school trip to visit to the Museum of Ancient Kemet, Kaa’hina, finds that the ankh chain given to her by Grandma Pea begins to glow, and she is at once transported inside a pyramid where she meets with her grandmother and all her great-grandmothers. Once there, Kaa’hina learns how to visualise the things she desires into being and understand her connection to the past.

This a beautifully illustrated story book written to encourage children in positive mental visualisation. As with the first book in the series – A Dance to Remember – the story also encourages children to trust in their abilities to achieve their ambitions.  Kaa’hina is a likeable, realistic portrayal of a young girl, who is intelligent, curious and filled with a desire to do the right thing to the best of her abilities.

Having read both books in the series, it is a delight to see the positivity  radiating from the pages, as well as the bold references to African culture and heritage – something that I don’t think is often seen in children’s books. With that in mind, I’m looking forward to the next in the series!

The Hidden Treasures Within is available to buy at Waterstones.

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