A Dance to Remember – Lorna Liverpool

a-dance-to-rememberA Dance to Remember is the first book by children’s author Lorna Liverpool which tells the story of Kaa’hina, a little girl who is rehearsing her dance steps for the Festival of Dance. Despite encouragement from her teacher and parents, Kaa’hina is nervous about the forthcoming performance. However, a magical and mystical encounter with her late Grandma Pea changes everything.

This is a truly delightful story of overcoming anxiety and building self-confidence, that all children go through at one stage or another. I loved how it referenced African dance and music, and other cultural aspects such as respect and remembrance of ones ancestors. It also deals with grief and loss from a child’s perspective, in a very gentle and understated manner.

If you have a little girl, or even a little boy, this is the sort of book you would want to keep reading to them, as it will encourage them to believe in themselves and their power to achieve that which they set their mind to.

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A Dance to Remember

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