New Year intentions #bookgoals

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We’re now seven days into 2018 and my timeline is filled with the amazing feats literaryness that my fellow bloggers are intending to pursue this year. I know they are written to inspire and encourage (mostly) but sometimes these type of posts tend to fill me with a little bit of anxiety rather than inspiration, as I compare my own modest goals and intentions.

Once I read that someone had committed to read a book a week for the year, and ended up reading 75 books instead of 52! Which is pretty awesome, but as I read through the post I found myself wondering, ‘where on earth does she find the time? I could never do that’. I know some people are gifted with being able to read anything really fast, and I used to be one, but with work and other demands on my time, reading is something that I tend to slot in pockets of limited free time. Then writing the actual review is a whole other thing entirely – I mean it’s taken me seven whole days to find the time to write this post!

Perhaps for me reading 52 books in a year (and reviewing them) just isn’t feasible – right now. But that doesn’t mean to say that one shouldn’t set some goals but they should be realistic. And to be quite frank you should really want to do it, which seems really obvious. But I’m also all too aware of the competitive space which we inhabit. Sometimes, it feels like the pressure is on to stay ahead of the curve and keep people engaged with content to the extent that you can end up posting any random thing and potentially lose out on quality and thereby engagement. Something no blogger wants to happen. Or even worse, you could lose the desire to continue reading/reviewing as the pressure to keep up builds – which incidentally has actually happened to me before.

So if I was to state a Just Read It intention for 2018 it really would be to be able to maintain the balance of reading to review and reading for pleasure (and build up a fledgling business). In addition ensure that the content on this site is worthwhile and produced to a high standard. There are so many many great books out there, and hopefully I might be able to read and review more than 12 of them. And I hope you will continue enjoy and visit this site.

Happy 2018 all!




4 thoughts on “New Year intentions #bookgoals

    1. I’m not doing too badly, though it seems like my TBR pile is getting higher much like that gif! But even so I’m not trying to stress myself out getting through it. Unless of course, I’m on a deadline. How about you?

      1. I do a mini challenge every so often to push myself to read more of the books that I’ve been meaning to get to. Generally, I just want to enjoy reading too though 😉

      2. Enjoyment is key. When it stops being fun and more like a chore that’s when I know to take time out and rethink what I’m doing.

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