Libreria Ghana – a literary paradise


So I have been a little obsessed with @libreriagh on Instagram. It’s a library, literary salon and literature house – in other words a little piece of literary paradise – in West Legon, Ghana.

I haven’t actually been there, I’m just living vicariously through their Instagram feed, but it definitely looks like something to check out if you are in Ghana for any length of time.

The premise is really simple. You can browse the library catalogue online or in person. To check out a book, you need to sign up for membership as you would in a library. Membership varies from allowing you to take out up two books to up to eight books per month, depending on how much you like to read. And they have a vast range of books from African to contemporary international literature, as well as travel writing and current affairs.

They also have various events from literary screenings, dinners and salons where current events making the headlines are discussed in an informal manner. Can you see why I’m calling this place paradise?

In addition to all this they are also considering the possibility of starting a writing group for aspiring writers based in Ghana to practice and share their craft. Anyone can join, simply email, with ‘Writing Group’ in the subject line, and in your email, explain what type of writing you do, fiction, non-fiction, poetry etc, and when it would suit you to attend a writing group.

If you do happen to check Libreria Ghana, let me know in the comments how you found it. Similarly if you know of other literary salons around the world, again let me know as it’s always great to discover new literary happenings.

For more information visit the websiteย






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