Creative writing!

As you may know I’ve recently signed up to a creative writing course, and two weeks on, it’s been a joy and a revelation! A joy because it’s really awesome being in a space with like-minded people discussing and sharing your creative outpourings in a really safe and welcoming space. It’s been a revelation, as I had no idea how much of a rush and a thrill it would be to write something in a relatively short space of time and share with it with a really talented group of writers. And the feedback has been really encouraging and motivating. It’s also given me some much needed confidence to write more and develop more story ideas

Some of the eagle-eyed among you will notice that I’ve started posting some of my work from the course on this site in the Writing Corner section to get used to openly sharing my stuff and also to encourage others to do so as well. Don’t worry I haven’t given up book reviewing but this is just an extension of what I love to do. And book reviews are on the way!

If you are thinking of signing up to a creative writing course. Do it. It really doesn’t matter whether or you think you are good enough – you probably are a lot better than you think you are, and you can develop and hone your craft. It also doesn’t matter what type of writing you’re into. A lady on my course is into self help and likes writing motivational quotes and anecdotes, both of which require a certain skill to achieve the desired effect. What matters is that you express what’s often deep inside of you or just hovering at the surface waiting to be revealed. Put pen to paper, fingers to key pad and write.

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