Recipe poems

So today was the last week of my creative writing course (sob!) and it’s been really awesome. I’ve met some truly wonderful and talented people and have been blessed to listen to them share their work and have them listen to mine.

Today we were trying our hand at writing recipe poems. I’m not great with poetry but gave it shot anyway. Here a couple of my offerings:

Recipe for a lazy day – a definition of happiness

– Rainy Sunday
– Bed/duvet/pillows
– Snacks
– Spotify playlist
– Book of choice

Take one rainy Sunday morning, Stretch, yawn.
Shuffle to kitchen to make camomile tea
Grab bag of Haribo strawberry pencils weirdly left over from last night
Shuffle back to bed, re-arrange pillows, draw duvet around oneself
Instruct Alexa to play Tastebreaker playlist on Spotify
Pick up book and discard bookmark
Sip tea.

Happy days.

Recipe for a Parkrun

Take one fine Saturday
Power walk to Wimbledon Common
Pretend to stretch while looking nervously at all the random strangers gathered
At the say so, begin running following the crowd
Keep steady pace
After five minutes, curse and ask yourself why you’re doing this
After 15 minutes, stop to walk off stitch. Pant heavily
Begin running again. Try not to feel embarrassed when a 60 year old pensioner passes you by.

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