Review: Look Up by Nathan Byron, illustrated by Dapo Adeola

You may, may not have seen the buzz on social media about a picture book for children called Look Up. I can assure you the buzz, the excitement is not unwarranted, Look Up is a truly delightful book about a little girl called Rocket who is obsessed with space, and gathers her community together for a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness a meteor shower. If only people would look up from their phones.

I was absolutely charmed by this book for several reasons. One it’s about a little Black girl, two it’s about a little Black girl, obsessed with space, three it’s about a little Black girl, obsessed with space AND who is a mini activist in her own right as she encourages people to observe the world around them instead of being so absorbed in their devices. She is the epitome of Black Girl Magic! What’s not to love?

With a such a poignant message about being more aware and in tune with the natural environment around us, rather then being solely enclosed in the spaces we’ve created for ourselves online, Look Up is the kind of book that will resonate with children and adults alike. I read it in one short journey on the train, and couldn’t stop smiling for a long time after. And yes, since then I have spent a lot more time looking up!

A potent mix of Nathan Byron’s fun, captivating and persuasive prose complete with excellent space nerd facts, brilliantly offset by Dapo Adeola’s vibrant and colourful drawings, Look Up is definitely one to buy for your nieces and nephews, plus a copy for yourself too.

Me cheesing it with Look Up creators Nathan Byron (centre) and Dapo Adeola (left) at their book signing.

I was also really excited to get the opportunity to meet with the author, Nathan Byron and illustrator, Dapo Adeola for an interview for The British Blacklist. These guys were absolutely amazing, full of energy (much like Rocket!) and it truly a blessing to hang out with them for an afternoon and find out more about how they joined forces to create a stunning, vibrant and unforgettable character.

Look Up is available from all good retailers and online stores

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