Review: Emily Knight I Am…Becoming by A. Bello

Homecoming. Sacrifice. Family. Fire.

Emily Knight is back in this long-awaited third novel of the Emily Knight I Am series. The story picks up from where I Am…Awakened ended, with Emily finally reunited with her father, the infamous warrior Thomas Knight and brother Lox, and getting ready to go to war against their enemy Neci in a battle where everything hangs in the balance.

Emily though delighted with having her father and brother back in her life struggles with the tensions between the two of them as well as her own personal relationships with them. In addition, there is the not so small matter of controlling her burgeoning powers in order to defeat Neci and her warriors. But when Neci kidnaps one of Emily’s best friends, she must overcome her fears to become the warrior that everyone seems to be she can be.

Like the previous books before it, I Am…Becoming is jam-packed with action, adventure and actual fire flames thrown in for good measure. To say anymore would be to reveal some major plot spoilers which I don’t want to do, because they are so good! What I will say is that I loved the focus on Emily’s relationship with her family and her friends. These form the central focus of the Emily Knight series as it’s through these relationships that she begins to develop a sense of herself and who she really is as opposed to who she thinks others want her to be.

As an adult reader it’s a joy seeing this much loved character come into her own in this fantastically diverse world that A. Bello has created. I also enjoyed the twists and turns that this story took, as well as the various battles that display of the different powers each character has. Needless to say it wasn’t a surprise to discover that there will indeed be a fourth book on the way. For this I’m very glad as this is one fiery journey, that I’m looking forward to be continuing on.

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