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All I want for Christmas…

…is some quiet time to read my ever growing pile of must-reads! Sound familiar? I don’t know about you but I have been crazy busy of late and with Christmas just around the corner I am looking forward to some much needed downtime where I ensconce myself in the sofa with a glass of red … Continue reading

‘Not everyone’s opinion is worth the same’

Peter Stothard, one of the panel of judges for the Man Booker prize made this comment a few weeks ago, whilst lamenting the ‘diminished critical standards of the literary blogosphere’. In an interview with The Independent, he said “There is a widespread sense in the UK, as well as America, that traditional, confident criticism, based on argument … Continue reading

Arrows of Rain

‘Tell the truth and shame the devil’, is the adage I grew up with as a child, and in reading Okey Ndibe’s Arrows of Rain, I thought of it again, as I read the line ‘Stories never forgive silence’ as a man weighs up the cost of his silence against the cost of speaking the truth. … Continue reading