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Just Read It re-launch

It been a while since I last posted, and those of you who were following this blog have probably all given up hope of ever seeing another post on Just Read It. Continue reading


Nothing Comes Close

A few years back when my mum still lived in the UK, I had a Sunday ritual of going to her place for lunch and then settling down to watch a Ghanaian movie or two, that she had just bought or a Nollywood movie on OBE. What first started as a bit of daughterly ¬†indulgence … Continue reading

The Association of Foreign Spouses

The Association of Foreign Spouses is Marilyn Heward Mills second novel after her debut Cloth Girl. I was very excited to read this novel, as it was after seeing this in the bookstore that led me to purchase Cloth Girl. Plus it is set in Ghana, at a turbulent point of its history, when coups … Continue reading